From lock down to the joy of skiing - The key to success

21. mai 2021

Norwegian media -March 2020 Norwegian media -January 2021
all resorts closed All resorts open despite severe state of the pandemic and national closedown.

On March 12 2020 the Norwegian government closed the country down completely.

It was the most dramatic decision in Norway since World War II. Schools, kindergartens, shops and restaurants, the whole community was shut down. Also the country's 210 ski-resorts. They remained closed for the rest of the season and lost app. 1/3 of the season that year.

Many members lost the most important weeks of earnings, including the profitable Easter weeks, important weeks of income for the Norwegian resorts. The financial losses were significant. Many employees were laid off or lost their jobs.

The industry association immediately started the work to ensure financial compensation, map infection control routines for an industry standard, and secure and lay the foundation for the facilities to be able to open at the start of the season and remain open throughout the 2020/2021 winter.

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